Burger Master Drive-In

Have you ever come out of the Little River in Townsend, after a day of tubing and thought:  “I am really hungry but I am soaking wet and no restaurant in town is going to let me in their dining room.”  Well, why not pull down to the Burger Master Drive-In and enjoy a tasty burger, some fries and a potentially some of the best ice cream in Townsend.

The Burger Master Drive-In has been a part of Townsend for years.  It is a great drive in.  You pull into the parking lot and walk to the window.  You place your order, the write it down and hand it back to the cook.  It is a small mom and pop style foodery that has been turning out greasy spoon style food for decades.  Burgers, fries, hot dogs – drive-in style food.  Half the fun is waiting in line for them to call your number out so that you can pick up your food.

Now, the fact of the matter is that it is hard to decide if the food is as good as you think it is or if the food is fantastic because of the atmosphere and the environment.  Eating at the Burger Master Drive-In is stepping back in time.  You are taking part in Americana.  You are taking part in nostalgia.  The Burger Master Drive-In is something unique that your kids may or may not have ever been to:  a mom and pop, down-home drive in.  No flash, no corporate advertising just goo food in a great location, right on the side of the road on the Peaceful side of the Smokies.

Next time you are in Townsend, whether you are in town for tubing or hiking or just exploring the area, stop by Burger Master Drive-In.  Maybe you just came off of Rich Mountain Road and you need some food before you head back to your hotel or cabin.  Get some great greasy spoon style food.  Have a seat on one of the picnic tables or take your food with you into the park and have a picnic.  Get your grub on at a restaurant with some tradition and a lot of history.

Burger Master Drive-In
8439 State Highway 73
Townsend, TN