Where Luxury Meets the Smokies: New Luxury Big Cabins in Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG – A new development in Gatlinburg bridges the gap between rustic hillside cabins and well-appointed downtown hotel rooms. Cherokee Orchard has four big luxury rental cabins and a pool house with indoor pool — so far. The development at 368 E. Holly Ridge Road is already available for rent, but four more cabins are to come beginning in January 2019.

This collection of eight cabins has enough space to host up to 500 guests, of all ages, for a family reunion, company retreat, sports team competition, family anniversary celebration or a Smoky Mountain destination wedding. At this unique cabin community, you can get large parties–up to 96 people–under one roof.

A ribbon-cutting June 18 drew about 100 people, mostly local government and business officials connected to tourism and economic development.

Cherokee Orchard is the work of Kenny Hayes, the owner of Southern Scapes Home Design.
The cabins will be managed by Wyndham Vacation Rentals Smoky Mountains. Wyndham has been in the Gatlinburg-area market since 2012, managing properties with multiple owners.

Cherokee Orchard, on Historic Nature Trail, is designed like a small village with winding sidewalks, thoughtful landscaping, and plenty of parking, even for buses. It’s close enough to walk to the Gatlinburg strip, but a trolley stops at the bottom of the private driveway, too.

Inspired by the majestic beauty and rich history of the Smoky Mountains, Cherokee Orchard is your own private mountain oasis. Designed to bring the outdoors in, this incredible destination features stunning open-plan living spaces with modern mountain-lodge style and local décor. Sharp peaks, timber and rustic colors give the exterior of Cherokee Orchard cabins their classic lodge appeal. On the inside, history and functionality join forces to add yet another layer of character–rustic wide-plank engineered wood floors, locally sourced bark covered walls, oversized stone fireplaces and espresso colored furnishings.

With exceptional care taken to add modern comforts while preserving historic character, Cherokee Orchard strikes a perfect balance between active outdoor recreation, shared experiences, and personal renewal. The layout delivers intimacy without sacrificing spaciousness. Designed for memory-making, each cabin comes with varied amenities of modern resplendence such as home theaters, pool tables, an array of board games and more.
A shared space also means shared costs, so you can enjoy the ultimate get-together at a practical rate.
Book online at www.bigcabins.com or www.wyndhamvacationrentals.com or call 855-214-8104 to reserve your rustic-done-right retreat.

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Top 5 Most Exciting Things To Do in Townsend TN

Identifying itself as “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies,” Townsend prides itself on low-key charm and locally-owned restaurants, lodging and business that focus on the city’s special piece of the great outdoors and the fun to be enjoyed in it. Townsend holds the the least busy of the three main entrances to the national park. Because of the city’s laid-back way of life, it’s easy to find something fun and interesting to get into when you’re in Townsend.

Identifying itself as “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies,” Townsend prides itself on low-key charm and locally-owned restaurants, lodging and businesses that focus on the city’s special piece of the great outdoors and the fun to be enjoyed in it. Townsend holds the least busy main entrance to the national park.

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Townsend TN Info., History

Officially, 1921 was the year that Townsend received its charter by the state of Tennessee. Officials with the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company played a large part in the founding of Townsend at the time. They felt that a collective voice representing the residents of the area would benefit everyone involved.

The City of Townsend has no property tax.

The main source of revenue is the state sales tax collected by city businesses. Some of the other sources of revenue to the City are: in lieu of taxes, franchise taxes, beer taxes, and road taxes.

The City provides services to the people. Some are police protection; street maintenance; street lighting; fire protection through paid subscriptions for City residents to the Townsend Volunteer Fire Department; planning; zoning and recreation.

The City of Townsend holds to the commission form of government. The Commission is made up of 5 commissioners. The five commissioners are elected to 4 year terms. Seats are staggered so 3 are elected and then two years later 2 are elected.

The 5 elected commissioners then elect one of their number to be Mayor. The Mayor serves for two years. In the same manner the elected Commissioners then elect one of their number to serve their City in the capacity of Vice-Mayor.

The Current commission is made up of the following elected public officials:
– Mayor: Michael Talley
– Vice-Mayor: Becky Headrick
– Commissioner: Ron Palewski
– Commissioner: Jackie Suttles
– Commissioner: David Wietlisbach

Kenneth Myers was appointed as the City Council Representative liason to the Townsend Alumni Association as they work toward restoration of the old high school building, which is now being used as the Townsend City Office, Townsend Police Headquarters, and Alumni Association meeting facility.

The City of Townsend holds it regular monthly meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Sometimes that has to change for reasons not predicted by the staff and Commission so please check the local paper to see if we have had to re-schedule a meeting.

The City of Townsend employs a full-time recorder, part-time building inspector, a full-time maintenance person, a full time police chief and three police officers.

Office hours are Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and Friday: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

If you would like to speak with someone about the city, a new permit, or any issue pertaining to our fine city please call 865-448-6886.

The City of Townsend also has a Municipal Planning Commission that meets the second Thursday of every month at the City office. These folks have the responsibility to follow the guidelines of the Zoning and Sub-division laws of the City and to review and approve site plans and sub divisions.

The Members of the Planning Commission are : Chairman Sandy Headrick, Vice Chairman Jo Anne Funk, Secretary Steve Fillmore, Mayor Mike Talley, Commissioner David Wietlisbach, Alicia McClary, and Chester Richardson.

If you would be interested in volunteering to serve on the Planning Commission please contact the Mayor.

Please direct any comments to P.O. Box 307, Townsend, TN 37882.

Smoky Mountain Highland Games

The 2011 Smoky Mountain Highland Games will be held May 20-22 at Maryville College in Maryville, Tenn.

If you’re interested in Scottish history and culture, the 2013 Smoky Mountain Highland Games is the place to be. From the Kilted Mile to the history of the tartan, this festival is all about all things Scottish. This year, the 32nd games will be held May 17-19 at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee, and if you’re Scottish, or just like Scots, you need to be there.

Check out the activities and the pageantry this Scottish festival in Maryville, Tennessee has to offer, and take home many years’ worth of memories. The weekend starts out with a Scottish whiskey tasting and seminar at Proffitt Dining Hall, followed by a gala at the Clayton Center for the Arts in the grand foyer on Friday evening.

On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll get to participate in an evening Scottish music festival, called a Ceilidh, as well as Scottish athletic events (both professional and amateur), and a Highland Dance competition. Pipers will be happy to participate in the Piper and Pipe Band performances and competition, and the rest of us will be happy to watch and listen. Expect to see well known musicians, including Celtic Martins, Albannach, Colin Grant-Adams and Father, Son & Friends throughout the day and at the Saturday night Ceilidh Under the Stars, starting at 7 pm.

Kids won’t feel left out, either. There’s scaled down caber tossing for the little ones, as well as Toss the Haggis and a Saturday children’s challenge. The Kid’s Kastle is a big favorite, too. Adults will enjoy axe throwing, running the Kilted Mile (with loaner kilts available for those without), highland wrestling, heavy athletics, a sheep dog competition and more.

Check these out, as well as other vendors on site offering jewelry, clothing, books, music, Scottish meat pies, sausage rolls and more.

If you want to find out about your Scottish ancestry, stop by one of the more than 60 heritage and clan societies that will be on hand to tell you about clan history, genealogy and the history of Scotland. At the Scottish Tartans Museum Tent near the Festival’s front gate, you’ll be able to talk to experts on the development of the tartan and the kilt, as well as other traditional Scottish attire.

This Scottish festival, now in Maryville, TN has been going strong for 30 years, and promises to be just as fun as it ever was. Remember to dress for the weather and that no pets are allowed at the games, and don’t forget to have fun! If you’re interested in finding out more about the Smoky Mountain Highland Games, check out their website at www.smokymountaingames.org.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Townsend, be sure to check out our list of Townsend, TN cabins and Townsend campgrounds.

Below is the full Smoky Mountain Highland Games schedule of events:


3 PM – Scotch Whisky Seminar & Tasting with Colin Grant-Adams, Proffitt Dining Hall
6:30 PM – Kickoff Parade & Concert – Downtown Maryville. Pipe bands, entertainers & more!
6:30 PM – Gala at the Clayton Center for the Arts Grand Foyer


Saturday Music Schedule

8 AM – Gates open
– Merchandise & food vendors open
– Pipers & Drummers registration
– Athlete Registration
12 Noon – Massed Band Presentation
– Opening Ceremonies
1:30 PM – Scotch Whisky Seminar & Tasting, Proffitt Dining Hall
4:30 PM – Massed Bands Presentation
– Pipe & Drum Band Competition, Awards Presentation
– Days End Fade Out
All day – Scottish country dancing, border collie demonstrations, children’s activities, clan challenge, athletics, entertainment, dance & piping competition
7 PM – Ceilidh Under the Stars begins

The caber toss – a Scottish tradition.


Sunday Music Schedule

8:30 AM – Gates Open
– Merchandise & Food Vendors Open
9:30 AM – Worship Service
– Kirking of the Tartans
12 Noon – Pipe Band concert
1:15 PM – Massed Bands Presentation
– Parade of Tartans
1:45 PM – Scottish Dog Parade & Talent Show (Open to everyone. Entries invited.)
All day – Scottish country dancing, amateur athletics, children’s activities, heritage seminars, entertainment
3 PM – Closing Ceremonies – “Amazing Grace” by the pipe bands

Elijah Oliver Place

Cades Cove’s Elijah Oliver Place was home to one of the first lifelong residents of the cove. Elijah Oliver grew up, married, and spent his life in the confines of Cades Cove’s majestic beauty. Today, people can come and view his home, take in its surroundings, and imagine themselves growing up in simpler times.

Not only does the Elijah Oliver cabin still stand in Cades Cove, so does the smokehouse, corn crib, springhouse and barn that made up Oliver’s homestead in those years. As the most remote of all the Cades Cove homesteads, it provided for more privacy for this branch of the Oliver family. The son of John and Luraney Oliver – Cades Cove’s first settlers, Elijah was born in the original Cades Cove cabin in 1824. It was there that he grew into a young man, moved away, married, then came back and bought the property where the home still stands today.

Elijah Oliver life, like other residents of Cades Cove at the time, centered around God and religion, family and the Oliver’s neighbors. It was common in those times to take in a complete stranger whenever they came through the Cove, feed, and house them for a period of time. So well known were the Cades Cove hospitality practices that fishermen would come in knowing that the settlers would provide them with lodging free of charge. Many residents, including Oliver, even built a special room onto their house for strangers passing through Cades Cove who needed a place to stay. Elijah Oliver’s “strangers room,” built on his front porch, is a popular aspect of his home site.

It wasn’t until 1900 that some of the Cades Cove residents began to charge guests for room and board. When you sit back and think about the area as it is today with all the cabins, condos, and hotels that are found here, Elijah Oliver and many of his neighbors were ahead of the times when it came to hospitality and tourism.