Getting to Townsend, TN – The BEST Route.

In years past, if you were coming to Townsend, Tennessee you were likely going to take in Cades Cove’s majestic beauty and time-worn structures. With so many local eateries and outdoorsy offerings, people have made it more of a destination here lately than a stop on the way to Maryville or the Great Smoky Mountains. So, what way is best if I want to get to Townsend many of you have asked…. Well, there are a few ways.

Coming west from Maryville via Knoxville, you’ll travel east along Lamar Alexander Parkway/U.S. 321/Hwy. 73 through Walland straight into Townsend. Between this route and the route coming through Pigeon Forge, there really isn’t a better way. It just depends on if you’re coming into town from the east or west. To quote an old saying, “It’s as broad as it is long.”

As noted, if you’re coming from the Great Smoky Mountains area already – Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, etc., you’re well on your way there already. You’re best bet is to head west on Wears Valley Road which is right in the middle of Pigeon Forge at traffic light No. 3. From there, Wears Valley Road/U.S. 321/Hwy. 73 will take you through Wears Valley and its many foothills before you reach the center of Townsend.

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