Foothills Milling Company

Fine Dining in Maryville, TN

Are you looking for a fine dining opportunity while you are vacationing in the Smokies?  Or maybe you are a local to the Smoky Mountains and you want to try something new?  Give Foothills Milling Company (FMC) a try.  They provide fine dining in a casual atmosphere.  They also provide fantastic service that is second to none in the Smokies.  This family owned and run restaurant has been providing dining experiences that keep people coming back year after year for special occasions and celebrations.

The owners and staff of Foothills Milling Company try to bring something different to the tables of their restaurant while still keeping the southern location of their restaurant in sight.  Their blend of the unusual and down-home cooking makes them one of the places for every foodie that visits the area to eat.

Let’s cut to the chase and look at the menu:
For appetizers:  goat cheese tarts made with Vidalia Onions, fried green tomatoes served with a tomato pepper chutney and pulled pork spring rolls – fried spring rolls filled with pulled pork – eclectic and very southern.

For Entrees:  venison on the menu (try finding that anywhere else on the Tennessee side of the Smokies), Shrimp and Grits, Foothills Choucroute Garni (duck leg, knackwurst, braised pork shoulder) and of course Steak & Potatoes done Foothills Milling Company style.

Foothills Milling Company is located near downtown Maryville.  If you are staying in the Townsend area or spending time in Townsend, on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies, you are not very far from Maryville.  Follow Lamar Alexander Parkway out of Townsend and watch the signs for Maryville.  Call ahead for times and reservations.  You can even make reservations online and save yourself some time and a phone call.

FMC has gathered a loyal following.  Their dedicated staff wants to thrill your tastebuds.  They want to satisfy both your appetite and your need for a great night out.  Check their specials when you arrive, the chef chooses the special depending on what is in season and available at the time.  Remember, if you want great food in a great environment there is only one place you need to look:  Foothills Milling Company.

Foothills Milling Company
315 S Washington St
Maryville, TN

Brown Trout Fishing on the Little River

Best Sport fish in the Smokies

If you are looking for a different fishing adventure in the Smokies, look no further then the Little River in Townsend, TN.  The Little River is full of large, brown trout and they are ready to be caught!

The brown trout is not a native fish to the Smoky Mountains.  They were introduced into the area during the 1930s as a game fish to increase fishermen traveling to the area to fly fish.  And though the brown trout has not been good for the brook trout that were native to the area they are still a lot of fun to catch.  Brown in color, aggressive and fun to catch, the brown trout has thrived in the lower elevation waters of the Smoky Mountains.  They tend to grow a little bigger then the rainbow trout and they are just as much fun to catch.  The Little River is a perfect habitat – mildly rocky, quick water, a few rapids and the food is plentiful.

Where to Fish
If you are in Townsend wanting to fish the Little River during the summer, you have to watch for tubers.  Yes, there will be people wading, swimming and tubing in the Little River after the water gets warm.  But – the fish are dodging the tubers as well.  They are looking for more quiet places to spend their time, you need to do the same.  Look for those places that are between the more used waters.  In the case of the Little River , this means going to the spots after the tube take-outs and before the local swimming holes.  You have a good stretch of river that is not as used and ready for you to pull out as many trouts as the fishing regulations allow.  Of course the fact that the fish eat the food that the tubers drop in the water means that getting the brown trout to bite is easy.

If you are fishing the Little River during the spring, fall or winter, you are going to have an easier time finding a spot to fish.  Without the tubing going on, the fish expand their range to cover the whole length and width of the Little River.  Look for those areas directly downstream from the rapids – this is where the brown trout hangout.  If you work your way up stream, taking your time, you are bound to find some good fishing and a lot of fun.

What to Bring
You can either fish for brown trout with a fly rod or a spinning reel, the fish don’t care and they will bite as long as you have the right bait.  Now, if you are a bit of a traditionalist, then you can always find what flies the fish are biting on at a local outfitters but if you want something guaranteed to get a bite, I have another suggestion – corn & bread.  Yes, you read that right – corn & bread.  Get a can of corn and a loaf of bread.  The nibblets of corn fit easily on the hook and once you roll the bread into little balls they will stay on the hook. Brown trout eat corn and bread balls like they were going out of style.  Hook into a brown trout, reel him in and add to your Smoky Mountain story with a great catch and potentially a great meal.