Gregg-Cable House

The Gregg-Cable House, one of the great historical landmarks of the Smokies that can be found in the Cades Cove area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It just so happens to be the first frame house built in the area and a house that not only provided shelter for two families, but also a place of business.

A family business, like the one run out of Becky Cable’s home was usually a farm or store but could be some other enterprise. As soon as children were old enough to be able to help out on the farm or in the family store, their time in school usually came to an abrupt halt. School was secondary in those times to the family’s needs. It was said that even in Cades Cove girls worked in the fields in addition to their chores and duties in the home.

Becky Cable’s house is bears a wealth of history relevant to those times. Built in 1879 by Leason Gregg, it was the first frame house built in Cades Cove and served as a working business as well. The store goods were brought in by wagon from Maryville, Tn. The downstairs housed the store while Gregg and his family lived on the upper floors. People could come and trade goods for other products or just straight up buy what they needed there.

John Cable’s family – his daughter Rebecca, her brother Dan and his wife, eventually bought the land and house, and ran the store. It was converted to a boarding house eight years after that.

Cades Cove provided Becky Cable and her family with much of what they needed to survive including such heirlooms as lettuce, pole beans, turnips, beets and canned beans, peas and tomatoes, all of which flourished in the cove’s rich limestone basin. Chickens were raised, they cooked baked goods with their own eggs, and carrots and potatoes were stored in a root cellar.

The house was also used as a place to stockpile goods, like most homes during that time. The numerous Chestnut groves in Cades Cove were depleted every fall not only by bears but by families like the Cables who came to gather bushels of chestnuts both for their use and to sell. Becky Cable’s family also hunted wild game, picked and preserved blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, and raised their own hogs. Next to the house, they grew their own flower, spice, and herbs in a garden.

Becky Cable was one of Cades Cove’s first clothing designers too. Her family grew their own flax and cotton and raised sheep for wool and spun these in to thread which they wove into cloth, thus making their own clothing. There is a famous picture of Becky Cable sitting at her spinning wheel doing just that. Becky Cable did all this while providing for her family and others before passing away in Cades Cove at 96 years of age. The home bears her and the preceding family’s name still.

Camp Wesley Woods

Growing up in the south, and it was probably that way above the Mason-Dixon line as well, most children have fond memories of spending part of their summer vacation at a church camp, day camp, or some kind of camp that got you away from home for a week, or even a few weeks. Camp Wesley Woods in Townsend still evokes memories for thousands of East Tennesseans who spent part of their childhood at the popular United Methodist Church-formed retreat.

Camp Wesley Woods has served East Tennessee for over 50 years through its summer camp, various outdoor education curriculum, and retreat ministry programs. Nestled among flowing mountain streams and dense forests just outside Townsend, TN and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Camp Wesley Woods is the perfect place to go to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Children have come to love and look forward to the fun and adventure of Camp Wesley Woods’ spectacular summer camp programs. Wesley’s outdoor education program is an extension of a child’s school classroom and the lessons learned there. Those lessons brought to life through activities that get each child involved on a personal level. Camp Wesley Woods works in partnership with area churches and other various nonprofit groups to host meetings, retreats, and other events.

No matter what reason you decide to come to Camp Wesley Woods, you’ll always find the cornerstones that have made this such a special place – a focus on serving others, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

As always, summer camp at Camp Wesley Woods is a huge draw for local children. Wesley Woods offers a wide range of camp programs to meet the needs of campers of all ages and interests. They have programs for 1st graders through high school seniors, and Camp Wesley Woods also offers a special needs camp for ages 10-22. Each year campers are encouraged to explore their faith and grow in their education. At Wesley Woods, campers improve their social skills, learn to be more independent, and accept greater responsibility.

Camp Wesley Woods
329 Wesley Woods Road
Townsend, TN 37882
(865) 448-2246 or (865) 448-6556